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The Right Word

This program is designed to help learners of English find, and learn words which commonly occur together (collocations). To learn more about collocation and why it is important in language learning click here.

The Right Word allows users to find collocates of Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Adverbs. You can search for a headword using the search box, or you can scroll through the headword list manually or by using the slider. Collocates are ordered by frequency; the most common first.

You can find definitions of the either the headword of a collocate by tapping "Definition" and you can see examples of how a phrase is used in context by tapping on "Examples"

You can save a phrase by tapping on "My Collocates". To save your phrase, tap of the plus icon (+) and then tap again to paste the selected phrase. You can share your phrases by clicking on "Share".

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